About me


Name: Hector Saracho

Born in: London, one snowy january morning. Can’t remember the year but I do remember Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister…

Nationality: British and Spanish (for humour I tend to be one, for football the other…)

Lived in: Madrid/London

Professional Career: 

Clients I have worked with: Save the Children, Burger King, FIBA, Telefonica, Movistar, Orange, P&G (Gillette), Admiral Group, BBVA, Iberdrola, Saint Gobain, Cleanaway, COI, SATS, Adeslas, Nintendo, Travel Club…

Greatest paid “job” I’ve ever had: 75£ for one afternoon’s work, dubbing the Goonies Film to cover up for swear words for Channel 4  (aged 10: London)

Greatest unpaid “job” I’ve ever had: Basketball Coach (aged 17: Madrid)

Studied: Business Administration at CUNEF and a Master in Digital Marketing at IE Business School .

You can read something more formal about my professional experiences and studies in my Linkedin profile and my about.me profile

You can read some of my personal tweets by following me @hsaracho 

Lastly, views and opinions expressed in this blog are of a personal nature and do not by default coincide with those of my employer.

Take care amigos,