Want to start feeling the SEOTISFACTION?


“Telling you more and more about some useless information” is not my goal in this post, it’s actually the other way around.

I’ve recently started getting my head more into Search Engine Optimization, it’s one of those things I’ve taken up later in life, and even though it is an art that has changed dramatically in the last few months, it is still a subject I am thoroughly enjoying.

True seotisfaction (search enlightenment) is still some way away as I am still escalating the learning curve but wanted to take the opportunity to post below a couple of sources of SEO knowledge that might come in handy for those that want to learn some SEO.

First there is the book I have started out with. I am sure there are many more that people can recommend (and hope they do)

Search Engine Optimization (An hour a day) by Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin. Why do I recommend it to anyone who is starting out? I don’t recommend it for its comprehensiveness (though it is very complete) or because of its well structured format. For me, the thing that did it (and does it) is the way it is written. For a subject that could have been treated in quite a dull way, the authors have given it such a lively copy that it is sometimes hard to let down (boosting the speed at which you learn!). The resources on their web are also very useful.

Bloggers/Tweeters that I find  most useful (again, these are the ones most people know but please let me have any further recommendations)

Matt Cutts, is the head of Google’s Webspam team. He writes often and posts great videos on SEO for Google (@mattcutts)

SEOMOZ, a Seattle-based company founded by Rand Fishkin, who produces a free “beginner’s guide to SEO” which is a great place to start (@SEOmoz)

I’ve got a ton more of stuff saved, but just wanted to through in the basics for people that, like me, want to feel the SEOTISFACTION.

Until then, take care amigos.


(post ended to the tune of Coconut, Harry Nilsson)