Google instant shows us what people want to know…

A short while back I decided to have a play around with Google instantthe search tool that completes your search query as you write. I had some fun, typing random things, and seeing how Google completed my half baked query based on its collective knowledge of search behavior.

Please take a look at some of these (ALL REAL)

Why did he

This first one is tragic…but the last option kind of makes up for it? Google shows us what people really want to know…

Why is it so hard

An interesting variety here. Although it all starts and ends in weight. Maybe number two (trouble waking up) and three (trouble making friends) are related? (sleepy head’s friends are tired of his/her lateness)

how do you buy

Crisis, what crisis? If people are searching how to purchase a private island, I am clearly not getting paid nearly enough!

How long does it takeTime management. Something we are all worried about (and Google instant knows this). In this query completion we have a nice mix but my personal favorite is clearly number two. Imagine the space shuttle you are in has an oxygen leak. The time it takes you to put on your space suit will be key…
Why do lions

A bit of zoology for this one. It goes from normal to specific: roar, have manes, loose belly skin… But the last one? Somebody has been spending too much time with lions to be searching for this particular answer.

The most important

And last but not least. To end on a high note. What is the most important thing?  According to Google instant to enjoy life and to be happy. I agree.

That is all.

Take care amigos,


(post ended to the tune of “Baby Fratelli” by the Fratellis )

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