Being Geeky

Every few weeks I try to conquer The Economist’s Caption competition (in the Newsbook subsection). The mechanics are as follows: they show you a photo, give you a brief on what the article that corresponds to that photo will be about, and for a brief window of time accept suggestions for a caption (you can see my previous entries here). The winner will have the honor of being able to claim that he/she has been published by The Economist (not too shabby).

Last summer the caption was for the below photo (with the article describing how Comic Conventions are increasing in size and are a substantial source of revenues).

Caption Competition for Ani-Com

I’m a comic lover myself so this proved a double incentive for me (The Economist + Comic Caption!)

My humble suggestions were these:

  • Dress code: geek casual
  • Unconventional Convention
  • The Geekonomics of Fandom
  • In Ani-Com they don’t stand out
  • The Fandom Menace
  • Spice Girls meets Sailormoon
  • One small step for Manga, one giant geek-out for mankind
  • Forget Leia’s bikini
  • Geek Mythology
  • Kevin Smith’s fantasy

I did not win, but the whole exercise got me to thinking about people who love comics like myself and what this meant. During my doodling/brainstorming sessions, the word that I directly gravitated towards was Geek (and as you will see this gave form to some of my suggestions). And I got to thinking… What is the core value of a Geek?

To me, it is clear: Passion. People unconsciously associate the word “Geek” with  computers, comics, science… But to me you can be a Geek for just about anything, as long as you simply love it.

That is why when I saw the below Trailer for the new Morgan Spurlock documentary of Comicon I got really excited. Finally a film that will cherish the value that (comic) Geeks bring to the table (priceless Kevin Smith’s final comment “to himself”).

Don’t be mistaken. This documentary is not (in essence) about comics. Its about people who love something to its utmost extreme. It’s one example of being a geek. It’s a celebration of a specific passion in a colorful and unique manner. Can’t wait to see it.

So, for what it’s worth. Let’s fuel our passions, whatever they may be. Let’s be Geeks. Art geeks, Travel geeks, Romanian cuisine geeks, family geeks… your call.

Below I leave you a souvenir from my childhood. When being a Geek was something that was worn and exhibited loud and proud!

No bird,no plane, just me aged 5? (mom help me out)

Over and out.

Many thanks for reading and take care amigos,


Post finished to the tune of “Superman” by Five for Fighting

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